Can you help make our building Solar Ready? -

Yes. California requires all buildings to install solar during construction, or demonstrate they are “Solar Ready” by having dedicated roof zones for future solar. Many local jurisdictions are also exceeding this by requiring that solar be installed during construction. We can help by working with your team to integrate solar efficiently into your building design, and maximize the most cost-effective solar opportunities for each project. We can provide coordination details for your architect and engineers to allow solar to be installed after construction. And we can provide a financing options for projects that could benefit from solar, but have a tight budget.

Can you help us with our TCAC applications? -

Yes. If you’re applying for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, we can provide preliminary analysis and consulting on your sustainability requirements. This will help you make informed commitments and smart choices about sustainability during Pre-Development, and help you integrate solar and efficiency into your planning, budgets, and building design. We can help you navigate the zoning, entitlement, and plan check process with local jurisdictions as well.

Can you work with our Architects and Engineers? -

Our team routinely integrates with project architects, engineers, energy modelers, LEED and Title 24 consultants, and contractors. The earlier you add us to your development team the more value we will add to the many decisions you make that impact the energy performance of your project. We can provide preliminary analysis, feasibility studies, complete design and engineering services, as well as permit processing and utility coordination for solar photovoltaics, solar water heating, energy storage and more.

How are you different from an Energy Consultant? -

Energy is a key driver in today’s buildings. Energy consultants are relied upon to produce reports detailing all the building systems on a project, their projected energy consumption, and effective measures for increasing efficiency to meet energy requirements. As an energy solutions provider, we work closely with other energy consultants, and rely on the energy models and Title 24 reports they produce. We then utilize that information to size, budget, and design the best clean energy solutions for each project. As a licensed general contractor we also install many of the solar systems we design.

How do I solarize my portfolio? -

We have a proven process for approaching portfolio-wide energy improvements. What distinguishes Promise from others is our unique approach to incorporating energy efficiency, energy storage and solar. We work with each of our portfolio clients to design a Clean Energy Strategic Plan specific to our clients and their needs. These can include implementing energy upgrades on existing properties; optimizing integration of clean energy initiatives into an organization’s asset development and management process; and maximizing the value of existing and future clean energy systems through proper service and maintenance. Additionally, Promise Energy administers applicable clean energy rebates and incentives; keeps our partners up to date on changing technologies and regulations that impact their energy needs; and advocates on behalf of our clients with government agencies, utilities, and investors regarding clean energy policy, regulation, and incentives.

Can Promise Energy provide energy storage solutions? -

Yes. We can analyze your project to determine the optimal energy storage solution for reducing utility demand charges, and providing backup power for energy resiliency.

Can Promise Energy help me increase energy performance of my properties? -

Yes. We can identify, analyze and implement cost-effective energy improvements across any portfolio of properties.

Does Promise Energy offer Solar Financing? -

Yes. We have a variety of tools for financing clean energy projects including energy efficiency, solar, and energy storage.

Does Promise Energy design and install Solar PV? -

Yes. We specialize in turnkey Solar Photovoltaics for multifamily and commercial projects.

Does Promise Energy design & install Solar Water Heating? -

Yes. We are one of the leading providers of Solar Water Heating systems in CA.

Do You Specialize in Affordable Housing? -

Yes. We are experts in the unique energy and sustainability requirements of affordable housing development and asset management.

Where does Promise Energy work? -

We are headquartered in Los Angeles and serve clients throughout CA and nationwide.

What does Promise Energy do? -

We develop clean energy solutions for multifamily and commercial projects.