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retrofit project in san bernardino, ca

$33,999rebate received

$19,536annual utility savings

197,986 lbs CO2annual energy savings

We installed this 35KW PV system on a retrofit project in San Bernardino for Century Housing Corporation. Century collaborated with Promise Energy to develop a financial solution to meet the project's stringent energy efficiency requirements while staying within the limited construction budget allowed under the expedited HUD 223F program.

  • system size 35.1 kW DC
  • # of systems 2
  • annual production 55,027 kWh/yr

Solar Case Study Client

We were able to provide major equipment under a separate contract, and accept the utility rebate as final payment for the installation in order to keep costs under the maximum per-door rehab budget allowed on the project.

The project presented challenges because the existing roof featured unusually thick foam roof sections.

We engineered exterior structural reinforcement sections of varying heights to accommodate and increase energy harvest of both the solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. This allowed us to provide an 85% solar fraction with the Solar Water Heating system to meet TCAC requirements on the project.

Because the MASH program wasn't available at the time, we proposed the use of an agricultural rate tariff (NEM-A) to virtually net meter the project and reduce system cost.

As a result of our proactive negotiation with SoCal Edison, Sunny Lane became one of the first projects in the state to use this protocol to benefit a multifamily affordable housing project. In addition, we worked with the utility to distribute the generation to benefiting meters in in adjacent buildings, something not possible under standard VNEM tariff.

This is an example of how we work with clients to find creative solutions to challenging projects.

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