Heritage Square

pasadena, ca

$267,243 rebatePasadena Water & Power

  • system size 72.6 kW PV system
  • annual production 109,616 kW/yr

Solar Case Study Client

Heritage Square is a new construction 70-unit senior affordable housing project. Owned by BRIDGE Housing, this is one of the largest affordable housing projects in Pasadena. We were hired by the developer to design a Solar PV system that would offset as much energy as possible for the project. By working extensively with the architect and design team, we were able to reduce the parapet walls intruding on the roof, move HVAC equipment to increase solar access, and increase the efficiency of the panels. Our work resulted in more than doubling the solar potential of the project, from 32KW in the original design to 72KW that we ultimately installed on the project in 2016.

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