Sol y Luna Apartments

los angeles, ca

$50,267 CSI-thermal rebate

$42,901 PV rebate LADWP

2614therms offset

  • System Size 35.1 kWh PV system
  • # of systems 24 thermal collectors
  • annual production 54, 197 kWh/yr

Solar Case Study Client

This unique $22 million dollar project owned by affordable housing developer East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC) was designed by Silver Lake architectural firm Birba Group. Promise Energy collaborated with the design team to engineer and install a 35 kW solar photovoltaic system and 24 collector solar hot water system. Financed in part by low-income tax credits, Sol y Luna Apartments achieved a LEED Platinum level certification, and has installed efficiency measures including a graywater system along with the solar systems designed and installed by Promise Energy. The solar photovoltaic system will save the project over $10,000 in annual electric bills every year for the next 25 years or more, while the 24 collector solar water heating system will offset nearly 3,000 therms of natural gas annually, equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions from burning 17,000 pounds of coal a year.

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