Transitional Living Center

los angeles, ca

1980therms offset


  • system size 13.42 kW PV system
  • est. annual production 20,392 kWh/yr

Solar Case Study Client

When nonprofit group LA Family Housing needed to retrofit their Transitional Living Center, which helps families recover from homelessness, they called Promise Energy to help. This challenging project incorporated several creative sustainability solutions for offsetting natural gas and electricity consumption. Because of the multiple water heaters throughout the building, 8 hybrid solar water heating systems that utilize solar photovoltaic panels instead of thermal collectors were incorporated into the scope of the project. This solution replaced piping runs with electrical conduit, and reduced solar storage requirements, saving significant cost on the project. A traditional 5 collector solar water heating system and a 13 KW solar photovoltaic system were also installed. The project will offset 1980 therms of natural gas each year with the combined hybrid and hot water systems, and will receive up to $50,000 in rebates through the CSI Thermal Program. The PV system is estimated to produce 20,392 kWh of clean electricity each year, reducing costs and helping the Center sustain their mission of providing critical housing for families in need.

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