Turner Apartments

los angeles, ca

$11,500annual energy savings

116,551 poundsannual ghg reductions

$30,000rebates received

When one of our Los Angeles multifamily affordable housing clients committed to providing solar for their tenants in 2014, they didn’t realize that LA Department of Water and Power (LADWP) didn’t allow it!

  • annual production 75,824 kWh/yr
  • system size 49.9 kW
  • # of systems 36

Initially, LADWP Engineers informed us that:

“Apartment buildings are quite a challenge for us to incorporate solar (PV). There are restrictions on what you can do and what you can’t. Typically for apartment buildings you can only install solar (PV) for the house loads from the house meter.”

Two years later, Turner Apartments is the first LADWP affordable housing development to directly provide solar benefit to its residents. Since this project is the first of its kind, it was a challenging system to design, and took many months of coordination between Promise Energy staff and various departments at LADWP to complete and install. Each of the project’s four buildings has a large solar array on the roof, wired into individual solar systems for each of tenant and house electric meters. This means 9 individual solar meters on the side of each building, in addition to the electric meters. Needless to say, this approach drives up cost and complexity. Virtual Net Metering is a much more efficient way to provide multifamily solar, but that option is not yet available in Los Angeles.

As a direct result of our work on this project, however, DWP developed a new solar policy allowing tenant-owner solar arrangements, including a new Tenant Solar Compliance Form required of renters as part of the interconnection process. This is an important step toward increasing solar access to all Angelenos, especially lower-income residents.

Turner Apartments is currently completing applications for approximately $30,000 in rebates through DWP, and is estimated to produce 75,824 kWh of clean electricity each year.

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