Vermont Manzanita

los angeles, ca

$51,049thermal rebate

LEEDplatinum certified

$8,282LADWP PV rebate

  • system size 14.84 kW PV System
  • # of systems 18 collectors
  • annual production 22,918 kWh/yr

Solar Case Study Client

Working closely with the design and construction teams, Promise Energy engineered and installed an 18 collector Solar Water Heating system, and a 15 Kilowatt solar photovoltaic system for affordable housing development Vermont Manzanita Apartments. The Solar Water Heating system in particular was instrumental in getting the project to perform 33.6% better than code, which helped earn 23.5 points in the Energy & Atmosphere category and push the project from LEED Gold to Platinum status.

The solar photovoltaic system will produce 23,000 kilowatt hours annually, saving the project over $100,000 in electric bills over the next 25 years, while the solar water heating system will offset 65% of the natural gas otherwise required to heat water each year, avoiding emissions equivalent to the burning of over 140 tons of coal.

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