Affordable Housing

Promise Energy is one of the leading providers of solar solutions for affordable housing in California. We’ve designed and installed solar water heating and solar PV systems for over 5000 units of tax-credit funded affordable housing. We work on new construction, acquisition rehab, and retrofit projects. In the process we have become a trusted partner for leading affordable housing developers, and gained a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the affordable housing industry. We can help you answer predevelopment questions about solar feasibility and payback, and provide analysis on sustainability points for TCAC applications, Title 24 reports, and meeting LEED requirements.

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Affordable Housing projects
  • Q: Do You Specialize in Affordable Housing?
    A: Yes. We are experts in the unique energy and sustainability requirements of affordable housing development and asset management.
  • Q: Can you help us with our TCAC applications?
    A: Yes. If you’re applying for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, we can provide preliminary analysis and consulting on your sustainability requirements. This will help you make informed commitments and smart choices about sustainability during Pre-Development, and help you integrate solar and efficiency into your planning, budgets, and building design. We can help you navigate the zoning, entitlement, and plan check process with local jurisdictions as well.
  • Q: How do I solarize my portfolio?
    A: We have a proven process for approaching portfolio-wide energy improvements. What distinguishes Promise from others is our unique approach to incorporating energy efficiency, energy storage and solar. We work with each of our portfolio clients to design a Clean Energy Strategic Plan specific to our clients and their needs. These can include implementing energy upgrades on existing properties; optimizing integration of clean energy initiatives into an organization’s asset development and management process; and maximizing the value of existing and future clean energy systems through proper service and maintenance. Additionally, Promise Energy administers applicable clean energy rebates and incentives; keeps our partners up to date on changing technologies and regulations that impact their energy needs; and advocates on behalf of our clients with government agencies, utilities, and investors regarding clean energy policy, regulation, and incentives.

Multifamily Housing

Promise Energy provides design, engineering, financing, installation and service for Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Water Heating systems. We’ve completed dozens of systems for multifamily housing, both new construction and rehab projects. We’re experts in labor compliance, Title 24, Fire Code, OSHA, Building & Safety requirements, as well as utility interconnections. We’ve pioneered solutions and best practices in Los Angeles, one of the most challenging jurisdictions in the country. We specialize in providing high performance clean energy solutions for complex projects on tight schedules.

Multifamily Housing projects


Providing solar solutions for community groups, schools, churches, temples and other nonprofits is one of Promise Energy’s specialties. We understand the challenges nonprofits face, from tight budgets to inability to benefit from renewable energy tax credits. We also understand the importance that nonprofits place on stewardship, sustainability, and positive community impact. We’re happy to work with nonprofits and help bring the benefits of solar to all communities.

Non-Profits projects


More and more cities and government agencies are turning to clean energy solutions to meet mandates, reduce expenses, and be more responsible stewards of public resources. We have partnered with municipal groups like the Los Angeles Convention Center, and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to solarize major facilities and bring millions of dollars in savings to city departments and taxpayers. From consulting and design engineering, to RFP processing and construction management, there are a variety of ways we can help your community achieve cleaner, more cost-effective energy.

Municipal projects

Commercial & Industrial

With energy costs on the rise and State and local agencies increasing requirements for energy efficiency and solar, commercial and industrial facilities are rapidly adopting smarter energy solutions. Even in situations where tenants pay utilities, owners can gain market advantage by reducing energy costs, and increasing reliability of power supply for uninterrupted business operations. Promise Energy can help you take control of your energy costs, increase income, and maximize the dollars you spend on energy.

Commercial & Industrial projects