Decarbonizing California: 2020 – 2050

Decarbonizing California: 2020 – 2050

When : November 17, 2014

Where : University of Southern California

Los Angeles’ climate change organization, Climate Resolve, organized Decarbonizing California with the USC Marshall School of Business and the USC Schwarzenegger Institute. Organizer Jonathan Parfrey asked Promise Energy’s Andy Mannle to lead a panel on “The Promise of More Solar” to discuss the long-term economic impacts of solar energy.

Decarbonizing California brought together more than 400 of the state’s leading stakeholders to share the latest information about California’s evolving policy landscape, to network with other policymakers, business leaders and environmental advocates, and to exhibit new technologies and services that will both contribute to and benefit from the state’s next-generation, decarbonized economy.

Andy Mannle joined Carol Zabin, the Chair of the Green Collar Jobs Council, and V. John White from the Center for Energy Efficiency Research & Technology to discuss job creation in the clean economy, and the grid challenges of mainstream solar energy. With Solar Energy employing more workers now than all major CA utilities combined, we explored the possibility of creating Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs in Clean Energy by 2050, and weaning the state off Fossil Fuels.

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