Solar Photovoltaics

Solar Photovoltaics

Solar Energy is now cheaper than the grid in most cases. Solar Photovoltaics turn sunlight into electricity by converting photons into volts. This means the solar panels on your roof are literally pouring sunlight into every outlet of your building! Producing cheaper, cleaner energy right on your roof has never been easier. Solar is a smart choice for multifamily and commercial building owners, as well as municipal and government facilities, schools, churches and non-profits. And solar is now being required by many cities on all new construction projects. Promise Energy has decades of experience designing and installing Solar Photovoltaics, and we’d be happy to take a look at your next project.

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Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

The most effective way to increase energy efficiency in mild climates is to cut the amount of energy used to heat water. Solar Water Heating uses solar collectors and copper pipes to capture up to 80% of the daytime heat falling on your roof, and turn it into hot water for sinks, showers, and laundry. This not only saves you money, but it helps meet energy efficiency requirements for Title 24, LEED, and other green building requirements. Promise Energy is one of the leading solar water heating contractors in California. Our crews have decades of experience, and have installed hundreds of systems. We’ve collected millions of dollars in rebates for customers throughout California, and one of our projects was recently selected as a Solar Champion by Southern CA Gas company.

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Solar Design + Engineering

Solar Design + Engineering

Solar is increasingly becoming a requirement on all new construction. With the new Solar requirements in the CA Building Code, every project now has to make smart decisions on solar - whether it’s installed or not. This means roof space is tight, coordination is critical, and mistakes are expensive. Promise Energy works closely with your design team to ensure the best solar solution for each project is efficiently coordinated and integrated into the rest of your design. Our solar design and engineering team will provide layouts, coordination details, structural calculations, and plan sheets wet-stamped by licensed MEP, Electrical, and Structural engineers for Solar Water Heating and Solar PV systems.

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  • Q: Can you help make our building Solar Ready?
    A: Yes. California requires all buildings to install solar during construction, or demonstrate they are “Solar Ready” by having dedicated roof zones for future solar. Many local jurisdictions are also exceeding this by requiring that solar be installed during construction. We can help by working with your team to integrate solar efficiently into your building design, and maximize the most cost-effective solar opportunities for each project. We can provide coordination details for your architect and engineers to allow solar to be installed after construction. And we can provide a financing options for projects that could benefit from solar, but have a tight budget.
  • Q: Can you work with our Architects and Engineers?
    A: Our team routinely integrates with project architects, engineers, energy modelers, LEED and Title 24 consultants, and contractors. The earlier you add us to your development team the more value we will add to the many decisions you make that impact the energy performance of your project. We can provide preliminary analysis, feasibility studies, complete design and engineering services, as well as permit processing and utility coordination for solar photovoltaics, solar water heating, energy storage and more.
  • Q: How are you different from an Energy Consultant?
    A: Energy is a key driver in today’s buildings. Energy consultants are relied upon to produce reports detailing all the building systems on a project, their projected energy consumption, and effective measures for increasing efficiency to meet energy requirements. As an energy solutions provider, we work closely with other energy consultants, and rely on the energy models and Title 24 reports they produce. We then utilize that information to size, budget, and design the best clean energy solutions for each project. As a licensed general contractor we also install many of the solar systems we design.
Solar Installation & Construction

Solar Installation & Construction

We install high-quality Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Water Heating systems for both building retrofits and new construction projects. By working in close coordination with general contracting and subcontracting teams, we are able to ensure timely and cost-effective solar installations. We’re experts in labor compliance, Title 24, Fire Code, OSHA, Building & Safety requirements, as well as utility interconnections. Our leadership team has decades of experience developing and managing solar installations, and a track record of success on megawatts worth of rooftop scale solar projects in multiple jurisdictions. Charlie Kuffner, our Chief Operating Officer, is a licensed Professional Engineer, and General Contractor with an active B License (CSLB: 978353). Charlie has over 20 years experience in commercial and multifamily construction, specializing in Energy Efficiency retrofits, and Solar PV projects. We work in a rapidly changing industry, so we’re constantly on the lookout for the best technology solutions for our projects. This includes finding the best panels, inverters, optimizers, racking, and roof-mounting systems. All the equipment we use conforms to industry best practices, and meets or exceeds relevant industry standards, as well as federal, state, local, and utility requirements.

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Our team has financed hundreds of projects around the country including multifamily apartments, large commercial jobs, schools, universities, homes, and churches. Promise Energy works directly with major housing developers as well as third-party financing groups, and attorneys, and accountants that specialize in renewable energy to implement financing programs that serve portfolios of housing projects. We manage all rebates, incentives, and tax credits to bring the most dollars to your project, and find a solution that meets your financial goals and requirements. We provide 30 year cash-flow analysis; system sizing (KW) and production (kWh) details; as well as system cost and payback analysis.
We have developed a suite of contract, subcontract, labor compliance, workforce development, and financing agreements custom-tailored to clients around the country. We have streamlined agreements to ease lender approvals, and we include Warranties, Operations & Maintenance (O&M), and system Performance Guarantees that meet the stringent requirements of affordable housing developers and other clients.

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Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Solutions

California state regulators and affordable housing funders are increasingly focused on energy efficiency and clean energy for low-income housing portfolios as a means of achieving deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. This means real estate developers and asset managers are now accountable for achieving portfolio-wide energy reductions. Promise Energy can help you by:

  • analyzing and benchmarking your properties
  • working with you to develop a strategic energy plan
  • integrate energy upgrades into your schedule for rehabs and resyndications
  • financing and installing energy improvements where feasible and economically attractive
  • and monitoring and managing energy upgrades.

This approach is more efficient on your staff, aligns your properties with the latest rebates and requirements, and brings the benefit of scale to help you access the strongest financing opportunities.

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Project Management & Consulting

Project Management & Consulting

Promise Energy is a fully integrated Solar Project developer that also has integrated in-house resources for Site Analysis, Proposal Generation, Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), processing of Incentives and Rebates, as well as Project Financing.

Our team provides a range of consulting services including:

  • Assessing and screening properties for solar opportunity
  • Preliminary Site Analyses
  • RFP Development and Management for Energy Services
  • Analyze PV production potential with 3rd party calculators
  • Presenting solar project proposals to clients
  • Performing due diligence on solar proposals by others
  • Analyzing Utility Loads to optimize system sizing
  • Developing project site and work plans
  • Designing whole-building solutions for both common area and tenant load
  • Designing, Engineering, and Permitting Solar Systems
  • Facilitating Utility Interconnection Agreements
  • Processing Utility Incentives and Rebates
  • Commissioning & Repair of Solar Systems
  • Providing detailed financial analyses of energy costs and benefits to property owners and tenants
  • Providing financing solutions to reduce cost and increase savings
  • Coordinate with Title 24 consultants or Utility Allowance adjustment requests
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Zero Net Energy

Zero Net Energy

Can your projects produce more energy than they consume? Did you know CA is requiring significant increases in Energy Efficiency and Renewables this year as the state marches toward Net Zero Energy homes by 2020? Higher efficiency targets mean more complex projects, tighter budgets, and an increased emphasis on integrated design. From rebates and financing; to the design and code requirements; to emerging technologies for energy storage; to the permitting, installation, and interconnection challenges involved in virtual net metering – there’s a lot to know, and it’s a rapidly changing space. Promise Energy can show you cost-effective ways to integrate cutting-edge energy and efficiency techniques into the design of your next project. We can help housing developers, architects, policymakers, energy consultants, and design team members incorporate the latest strategies for building greener, healthier housing, and getting it paid for.

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Energy Storage

Did You Know that Battery storage can reduce energy costs on your projects? Energy Storage is the next exciting frontier in Sustainability. To increase resiliency, get the most out of your solar PV systems, or simply keep the lights on during an emergency, Promise Energy can integrate energy storage solutions on both new and existing projects. We can help you determine the optimum sizing and technology option for energy storage, and understand the economic value it will bring. Energy storage can increase resiliency during power outages or emergencies by providing energy to vital systems like refrigeration, emergency lighting, internet access, and phone charging. Additional revenue streams such as time-of-use shifting (energy arbitrage), demand response and ancillary services can be factored in to maximize project ROI.