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We provide custom energy solutions

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Complete in-house design and engineering means we're the one stop shop for all your energy projects.


Detailed proposals show clients the long-term financial value of our solutions. And we offer both in-house and third party financing solutions to meet our clients goals.


Our professional operations team brings decades of field experience to every project with an emphasis on safety, quality, and teamwork.

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Cleaner, Smarter, and Healthier Communities

Multifamily Affordable Housing
Commercial, Industrial & Municipal

Next Steps


First, we discuss your organization's goals, timeline, and resources to determine the best combination of technologies and services for each project. Typically, a 30-minute phone call is the best place to start.


Next, we analyze your building’s size, shape, and energy consumption patterns to understand your energy ecosystem. Our in-house engineering and design teams map out opportunities by analyzing solar potential, along with structural and electrical details of your project. Our utility analysts gather your electric bills, download project interval data from the utility, and assess rebates and incentives.


After we determine the best solution for your project, our financial experts create a custom proposal to meet your goals and give you the greatest long-term value and control over your energy. This is when we will have a face-to-face meeting with all the decision makers to review the design and address any questions you may have.


Our in-house operations and installation teams are leaders in the industry, some with over 25 years of individual experience. With an emphasis on safety, quality, and teamwork, your project is in the best hands. Installations can take several weeks or more, and we work with you to plan each part of the project to respect the needs of your residents or business.


Once we turn on your system, your savings start immediately! Your systems are designed to produce for over 25 years - that's one clean, smart, healthy future!


Meet the superheroes

Adam Boucher
Charlie Kuffner
Derek Huntington
Andy Mannle
Daniel Boucher
Michael Boucher


Some of our finest works

Linda Vista 156.45kW
LA Convention Center 2.1 mW
The Six Affordable Housing for Veterans
photos: Tara Wujcik
Villa Rita 199.15kW
Award Winning
Silver Star 127kW
LADOT Facility 391kW (2019)


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