ProudGreenBuilding Features Selma Community Housing's Solar by Promise Energy

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Mercy Housing & Promise Energy Announce New National Partnership

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Promise Energy Builds the First Net Zero Energy Apartments in Los Angeles

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It’s Official – Solar Beats the Grid! So, How Much Does Solar Cost?

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What does Promise Energy do?
We develop clean energy solutions for multifamily and commercial projects.
Where does Promise Energy work?
We are headquartered in Los Angeles and serve clients throughout CA and nationwide.
Do You Specialize in Affordable Housing?
Yes. We are experts in the unique energy and sustainability requirements of affordable housing development and asset management.
Does Promise Energy design & install Solar Water Heating?
Yes. We are one of the leading providers of Solar Water Heating systems in CA.
Does Promise Energy design and install Solar PV?
Yes. We specialize in turnkey Solar Photovoltaics for multifamily and commercial projects.
Does Promise Energy offer Solar Financing?
Yes. We have a variety of tools for financing clean energy projects including energy efficiency, solar, and energy storage.
Can Promise Energy help me increase energy performance of my properties?
Yes. We can identify, analyze and implement cost-effective energy improvements across any portfolio of properties.
Can Promise Energy provide energy storage solutions?
Yes. We can analyze your project to determine the optimal energy storage solution for reducing utility demand charges, and providing backup power for energy resiliency.